Getting off on the Right Foot

Well, footings anyway. Rebar is tied, concrete is poured, Jasmine is officially taking shape.

Mermaid Pools sure don’t mess around! Concrete went down for Jasmine’s foundation on Wednesday. Once it has set they can take the frames/forms over to another site to set up for the foundation there. Yet another plus for duplicating houses!

We have had to call the excavator back in this week to remove the old cisterns. The executive decision was made that putting a shiny new foundation on top of a 50 year old cistern wouldn’t be the smartest move. So, down they came. It was one thing to see the houses gone, but now there isn’t even a single spec of the originals left. *wipes a tear*

Staring at an empty chunk of land is daunting but, if Tina has her way, at least four of those empty sites will be filled with happy guests (in completed houses) by December. If she puts her magic wand in overdrive we might even be able to get Flamboyant (3 bedrooms) and Cashew (1 bedroom) up and running by Christmas too. Unfortunately no amount of fairy dust will be able to make Gardenia, Plum or Lime appear this season. There is only so much magic allotted for a year.

We are taking reservations for the one bedrooms for Winter 2019, but obviously with the limited inventory not everyone is going to be able to get their preferred dates. We will do our best though. If you are interested in a visit just send us an email ( and we will see where we can fit you in. The more flexible your dates, the better!

3 thoughts on “Getting off on the Right Foot

  1. Such uplifting news about GSB. Can’t wait to see the finished products, especially our home away from home, CASHEW.


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