Still going…

Lots more progress this week all over the property.

Mango is UP! Princess Quarters sure payed attention during their lessons on Jasmine. It took them about four days to get the walls and roof of Mango completed. Now they are doing the finer details: patio posts, nuts & bolts, and most importantly… hurricane clips.

Flamboyant’s foundation has been poured and now Mermaid Pools is tying the steel for the cistern. They also poured the cistern at Alamanda the same day. Might as well get good use out of the concrete pump truck right!? It’s quite something to see in action. When it’s in full swing, it’s the tallest thing around for (eight) miles!

Hibiscus is also coming along nicely. The foundation is just getting the finishing touches and then it can be in line to get a house on top to make it look pretty. Cashew is going to be the next to start I do believe.

Jasmine is as far as it can be for the time being. We are waiting on the shipment of doors and windows to finish that one up, but it is still wonderful to see the new structure as we pass by each day.

Tina and Ian recently returned from a power shopping trip to Fort Lauderdale. No, not for floral dresses and camo cargo shorts, but for all of the tiles we will be needing. For anyone who thinks an off island shopping trip sounds like a nice escape… just talk to Ian and I’m sure he would disagree. He’s lucky if Tina even tosses a granola bar in his direction for lunch. Fetch Ian, Fetch! Before you feel too bad for him, he did get fed well in the evenings. They always forget how much bigger the portion sizes are in the USA, and Tina can never finish her plate so there is alway extra if Ian needs.

It was a successful trip though. So much of a success that Amex froze the credit card for suspicious spending! They found the tiles and managed to fill a pallet with all sorts of fun stuff… coolers, ladders, hair dryers etc.

Next on the shopping list is furniture but that can thankfully be done online… look out Amex here we go again!

6 thoughts on “Still going…

  1. Dear Guavaberry- Great to see that you’re making some significant progress! I read an article the other day that might be of interest to the BVI regarding coral:

    Turns out the Hawaii now checks all baggage before letting people in for sunscreen that is not good for coral, and will not sell it any longer on the island. Seems like something that would be good to advocate for in the BVI and USVI. If you have suggestions of who to contact let me know and we can organize to make something happen.

    Thanks. Harry Lowd.



  2. Cudos to Verdan….We also think the gardens are coming up to snuff beautifully….Thanks Verdan. Not planning a shopping spree to Ft. Lauderdale…….looks as if there is not much left to buy!! Luckily enough for us, Maryland is not a mecca for shopping!!


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