Inside Secret?

Shhhh…. want to know a little secret?? We have a little pack rat among us! Now, admittedly all of us are rather extreme pack rats, but one of us definitely takes the cake. Or, should we say cheese?

Now, you wouldn’t guess it by seeing her. Always put together, hair always perfectly coiffed, not a paper out of place on her on her desk. But, take a look though those organized desk drawers and you will come across some (neatly) buried treasures.

Check out some of these more recent finds! A commissary list from around 1993/1994 and a rate sheet from those years too!


While at first glance the rates might seem drastically different from there they are now, but if you do the calculations based on how many years ago those were, we haven’t even increased 5% annually! We always try and give our guests the best experience for the lowest rate we possible can set.

How about that commissary list though?! Zoom in. Go on. Zoom in and check out those prices. $3.65 for a bottle of Cruzan rum?! Perhaps that answers the question “why round houses?”. Kind of hard to draw straight lines after a few nips!

It’s also interesting to see which products stood the test of time and which did not. Rum …of course, Coco Lopez and pineapple juice …because what else do you put with rum, bacon… best hangover cure, baked beans… to go with the bacon for a proper English breakfast, and canned peas… a family favorite!

So what didn’t stick around? Veal, Hotdogs, french fries, corn on the cob, and the one that breaks our hearts the most… Cheez Balls! We traded those in for healthier options like trail mix, granola bars, veggie burgers and rice crackers. Admittedly, if Cheez Balls are ever brought back… we WILL find a way to stock them again. We will just eat some extra peas to compensate.

For the upcoming season we hope to get some new products in store. What are some items you’d love to see us stock? Anything you want to make sure we keep? How about items that make you question our selection? We love to get feedback so let us know!


10 thoughts on “Inside Secret?

  1. I really appreciated this blog post, since I can totally relate! Pack-rats of GSB unite!😆 As for the commissary, walking in to find a full section of roti always makes my heart happy. Please never stop carrying roti!! Thank you ❤️


    1. not really a trailer. a building up behind the workshop, which was home to many lizards. I don’t actually think we have a picture of it but i’m sure someone does! the building is still there though and we now use it for storage.


  2. This is so funny! It really does put things in perspective though. For us, as long as there is rum and coke we’re happy – everything else is just icing on the cake. Oh, some cheese and crackers to go with that rum and coke is good too! Can’t wait to be back in Feb.


  3. Ahhh…..a trip down memory lane! We remember those prices! Our first trip to GSB was in 1993, and like all the others, the search for a beautiful and restful tropical respite was over…..we had found it! We do remember the old commissary. In August and September it was a sauna in that little building; we would decide what we wanted before we went in to minimize our time inside……coming back outside was like hitting a nice cool breeze. The new air conditioned commissary is nirvana for the a/c and selection.


  4. Dove Bars for sure! Stuffed Roti! Frozen Lima beans, raspberry jam, Plugra butter, all the drinks like Fresca, tuna steaks- all the fish! Wine!!!


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