Gearing Up

Phase 2 is in the works! Plans are being drawn up for the Lime and Plum rebuilds and the contract for Gardenia is due to start any day now! Time for Ian to trade in his plunger for a hard hat again.

Gardenia is going to be rebuilt as it was before. A Deltec wouldn’t fit on the slab that is currently there so it is going to be wood again. Lime and Plum however are being Deltec’d! They are going to be triple pods as they were before, just a little different. No more walking through the bathrooms to get into the bedrooms. We are also going to “move” Lime over as far as we can to get some space and privacy between the two houses. They were notoriously close before. Guess there’s a silver lining after all!

Tina’s house has begun too. Rebar is being placed to form the exterior walls. She still has to decide what kind of windows to put in, but she has already researched hurricane shutters to go over whatever she picks. Priorities you know!

Ian’s workshop is getting some TLC too. Can’t have him feeling left out. He’s adding a loft inside to get some more storage space. He finally cleared out the stack of old mattresses and fridges, but Tina is shopping again soon so the open concept of his workshop will be short lived. (Shhh… don’t tell him!)

Remember those benches we said we had for the beach? They too were stashed at the workshop so they finally got put together and moved into their rightful positions.

Sugarcane restaurant has reopened, now called Nail Bay Sports club. They have completely redone the restaurant  and menu. It is a beautiful setting looking out onto the water. They are working on their menu but selections include lobster fritters, roasted beet sandwich, burger, panini and chocolate chip cookies with ice cream for dessert. They also do Sunday brunch. We spent a lovely afternoon there for Mother’s Day! Ian also tells us they have a great beer selection.

The Leverick Bay Poker Run was last weekend. We are told that it was a great success. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see much of it this year due to nap schedules, but it was still fun to see all of the boats zipping down the channel. We instead opted for a dip at the beach in the afternoon. The water is warming up, which Lennon is thankful for. He enjoyed his sea soak without a single whimper.

Connor has finally learned that sand isn’t half bad. Until recently he wouldn’t put his feet down to touch it. His mom isn’t that big a fan of sand herself though, so maybe it’s a family trait. Ludwig used to wear his flip flops down to the water to avoid sand in his toes! As much as sand might bother some of us, it still beats the snow any day!

Speaking of snow, winter will be here before you know it! Have you gotten you winter holidays booked yet?? We still have space at Christmas and a few gaps in February too! Those are the two most sought after times so if you want in, now’s your chance!

2 thoughts on “Gearing Up

  1. Lovely to hear all the news…..GO GUAVABERRY AND CO.!! Almost there…..Looking beautiful as ever.


  2. How very exciting to hear that this, the final phase, is beginning, as well as, the rebuilding of Tina’s house! All of you are our heroes! We can’t wait to see the “new” Guavaberry in August!


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