Full Speed Ahead!

Belated happy Territory Day, Canada Day, and Fourth of July! What a difference a month makes! Things are well underway on phase 2 now.

Gardenia is UP! Not up and running, but walls and roof are on. It was like watching a good ol’ fashioned barn raising when they brought the walls over. Princess Quarters built them in their workshop and trucked them to Guavaberry. Guess they learned a few tricks after putting up the Deltecs last year. The deck is most impressive too. For those of you who stayed in Gardenia before, you’ll recall the deck had a walkway over to the boulder. Now, the deck goes all the way to the boulder, so it’s basically doubled in size! This could be our new favorite deck out of all the houses when it’s completed.

The foundation is being formed at Plum Tree. Mermaid Pools is on that job site. Next door to Plum will be Lime Tree and Princess Quarters will be jumping over there when they get a little further along on Gardenia. The exterior wall material and shingles for Gardenia have yet to arrive, so while they wait for those they will get started at Lime.

Tina’s house is taking shape quickly too. Walls are coming up, columns are formed, plumbing is being run as is the electrical conduit. The back stairs have been poured in concrete so no more ladder needed to get in either. Roxy was the brave one to test out the stairs, Pearl still isn’t sure about the idea of going in so she stood guard outside during the tour.


Lennon got to spend the entire day at Guavaberry a couple of weeks ago. His mommy took a couple days to go shopping so daddy was in charge. For those who don’t know Lennon’s dad is a hair stylist and occasionally gets some VIP out calls. Just so happened that he got a call out when Christine was away so it was a mayday call to Granny and Auntie Valerie. What was supposed to be a couple of hours turned into a full day thanks to boat schedules. You’d think after having Connor in the office all year they’d be old pros at this baby thing…. different baby… different ball game. Lennon much prefers to be watching everything from the comfort of someone’s arms rather than having ANY naps. Sleep is for sissies, right?


Connor is starting half day school/daycare in September. Time to get him familiarized with other children we figure. He will be going to Ciboney Center for Excellence. They have an Amazon wish list if anyone would like to send them a donation. This is the same school that has taken scrap wood and make cute little signs to put up over the island. They even made one for David, Lennon’s daddy, for his hair salon.

We have been working feverishly on getting new villa pictures done. We finally launched our new website last month (check it out!) so now we will turn our attention to the villa pages. Here are a few that have been done already (Beach House, Beso del Sol, Holly House, Casa Luna, Mondelo, La Cachette)…. just for a little taste of what’s to come. Now we will sign off until next month. Hope you are still enjoying the blog!

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3 thoughts on “Full Speed Ahead!

  1. Thanks for the update AND the pics of the babies! Looks like things are really coming along. Miss you all.

    Rosann Anderson


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